Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fresh Sheet Post April 4th "Spring?"

New in a week or two will be bunches of Hop shoots as the first sign of spring. Let me know if you are interested as it will be first come first served and we will try to be consistent with a limited supply. We are out of red carrots and all other potatoes but a few red nuggets.
The Marechal Fochand the Himrod grapes were pruned in the last few days but there is still too much snow in the Raspberries and Blueberries to even consider stepping off the road or you are sure to be ankle deep in the muck. That said, it sure is nice working out in the sun. I put out my rain gauge which had come inside for fear of hard freezing and cracking over the winter and although we have a month more of frost potential I am optimistic enough to think that we are finally on the way into spring.
I put up our first hummingbird feeder of the year as the first week of April is when we usually see the pathfinders. With all the snow I suspect it will be later than usual but the Rufous Hummingbird is a hardy little guy that arrives in ones and twos and proceeds to fight and chirp and dive bomb and argue about territory until late spring. The females and juveniles arrive at the beginning of May in large numbers and if the Chilcotin Plateau weather forces them to muster in Pemberton before heading north we have seen a hundred or more Hummers fighting for space at our bank of feeders. We will try and post a video on the shenanigans on our blog this May.
We hope to be joining the social media world starting soon with blog posts and twitter feeds. The links will be available on our website. twitter.com/northarmfarm blog at www.northarmfarm.com We are just getting going in time for the growing season so keep an eye out.

Have a great week.
Jordan and Trish

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