Monday, May 2, 2011

Building, planning, planting and trying to not get stuck in the head with a hummer

The last 2 weeks has seen the barn under construction as we expand our covered area by 2200 square feet.  It will be a great space looking out toward Mount Currie and will provide us with much needed storage for crops and equipment as well as extra elbow room for processing vegetables.  Look forward to huge piles of pumpkins in the fall and maybe a few farm dinners.

The Hummingbirds out are in full force at the Farm.  We have 72oz feeders with 8 drinking ports each which can have 2 or 3 hummers trying to drink at each port at the same time.  We added a video to our blog post and although the cel phone camera quality isn’t the greatest, there are certainly plenty of hummers.  As you step out of the house and they zoom by you can't help but wonder if getting jabbed in the head by a hummer moving at speed would be deadly 
Garlic and Potatoes
New planting of Sunchokes went in yesterday and we finally finished up the potatoes.  Russian Blue Banana Fingerling, Russet Norkota, German Butter, Yukon Gold and Chieftan Red.  As you may recall we were carrying local organic potatoes from other growers last year but this year decided to start growing our own again.

Plantings are also in of Fava, English peas, celtuce, spinach, mixed lettuces, chard, white turnips,  Spanish, watermelon and alta globe radishes, shallots, green onions, all colours of beets and all colours of carrots.  Next comes all the different roots, parsnip, burdock, salsify, rutabaga, root parsley, horseradish, and then transplants of squash and pumpkins.

New this week on the sheet is Nettles. They are the perfect size right now. We have a little bit of  sweet cicely although it’s not on the sheet.

Bittervine Hops only has 45 bunches of hops shoots this week so get your order in early so that you are not disappointed.   We hope to carry Bittervine dried hops soon.

Have a great week.
                                                                          Jordan and Trish

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